In the Internet hosting field, cloud architecture refers to using different web servers for each and every service that is a part of the internet hosting service. In other words, your files, databases and emails will not run on the very same machine, but on separate ones. Such a setup results in higher uptime and better overall performance because only one kind of system processes will work on the server, so the resources will be utilized as good as possible. A large number of service providers nowadays advertise their cloud services, but what they supply is not true cloud architecture for the reason that the hosting control panels they use are not designed to operate with anything different from an individual server. If everything is run on one machine, an issue with a single service can take the server offline. In this light, when you are searching for cloud hosting, you should check if the service you'll receive is in fact a cloud one or if this is a marketing trick.
Genuine Cloud Architecture in Shared Website Hosting
Every single shared hosting package that we provide is made on our advanced cloud platform, so you can take advantage of this setup. Independent clusters of servers will handle your files, databases, e-mails, stats, Control Panel, etc, and we can keep adding machines to every cluster that requires them. The Hepsia Control Panel which you will get to maintain your new account is in-house made and it was made exclusively for multi-domain cloud internet hosting, so there shall be nothing that will limit you from using the whole potential of our genuine cloud platform. Since we also use ZFS-based storage and SSD drives, our shared web hosting service will give your Internet sites the speed and reliability which you need because we've practically eliminated any downtime of our servers.